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May 14, 2024

Ankeny Preschool: Discover Terrace Learning Center (TLC)

Transforming Learning Challenges into Growth Opportunities

As your child embarks on the journey of growth and discovery, questions and concerns may arise: Is my child ready? Will they make friends? At Terrace Learning Center (TLC), we understand these parental worries and strive to address them with our comprehensive approach to early childhood education.

Begin Your Ankeny Experience:
At TLC, every day is an opportunity for your child to learn and thrive. With a focus on building a strong educational foundation, we invite you to embark on your Ankeny experience with our preschool program.

TLC’s Key Features:
Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our unique features:

  • Dual Certified Teachers with Iowa Teaching Licenses ensure high-quality instruction for all students.
  • Additional adult support in every classroom fosters a nurturing environment for growth.
  • A low student-to-adult ratio ensures personalized attention and support.
  • As part of the Ankeny School District, TLC offers the benefits of a PK-only building within a larger educational community.
  • Our curriculum is research-based, differentiated, and tailored to meet the individual needs of each student.
  • A balanced daily schedule provides opportunities for both academic learning and play.

TLC’s Benefits:
Enroll your child at TLC, and enjoy a range of benefits, including:

  • Free access to outside experiences such as field trips and expert visits, enriching your child’s learning journey.
  • QPPS certification ensures that our program meets Iowa’s Quality Preschool Program Standards, guaranteeing excellence in education.
  • Parent involvement opportunities through volunteering and PTO engagement foster a sense of community and partnership.
  • Your child will develop friendships and social skills, gaining independence along the way.
  • With a focus on kindergarten readiness, your child will be well-prepared for their academic journey.
  • Access to a new library provides students with additional resources to enhance their learning experience.

Preschool student

Call us to schedule a tour and experience our nurturing environment firsthand.

  • Call 515-965-9670. Inquire about how to reserve your child’s spot in our program.
  • Register online now to secure your child’s place before spots fill up!

Mission Statement:
At TLC, our mission is to transform learning challenges into growth opportunities, empowering every child to reach their full potential in a supportive and enriching environment. Join us in shaping the future generation of learners and leaders.